Where is the past of the black race? Why is it in the dark? Erased so we didn’t exist before when? what about the stories and histories of Oyo empire? the dams of river Nile what happened to the experiments and discoveries of our gods? if Sango could destroy an opposition army with thunder isn’t that similar to the ballistic bombings we have today? Our new way of life is alien to us borrowed doctrines we picked up from the explorers, the very smart explorers who did nothing wrong but seek treasures for their goals as a society meanwhile they use cruel and evil means in achieving their aims but however we have a choice as a people to go back to our roots and embrace what we are made of you cant feed a fish with a birds food and expect it to grow well, but we are under a curse a blind spell long casted upon our eyes everything pointing towards our SELF discovery/development immediately contradict our borrowed morals… Religion, Education and total way of life.

We are indeed injured and the cure we administer to this injury is also the source of our injury.



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